Assalamualaikum . Im m0hd shahril . Just call me shahril. Actually im n0t a new blogger. Before this, i have a blog but delete already b'coz want to forget s0methng n the past. Sound terible rght? Ahah. :-) since this blog has been active, just want to create a new concept and new idea. Wit my life, my work, my studies, my j0urney, my music and wit my camera. Try to wrote in english n improve my grammar. N0wdays, english is important. Dont be shy to learn it. If i wrong , tell me. Ahah. Dude, times up already, enjoy reading my blog. Dont forget to drop n leave ur c0ment n somthng. Have a nice day . :-)

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  1. eh awak B)

    finali, i found u.. hihi.. tukar link? mujur x private profil.. hihihi.. nway, selamat berpuasa..