e r p i s a h  kadang-kadang satu kesilapan saya sendiri
Dalam masa perpisahan tu , segala macam perasaan rindu, sayang , kesal ,  m u n c u l.
Sudah menjadi adat dan lumrah kehidupan manusia macam tu. Perbetulkan ape yang silap adalah jalan terbaik. Mudah-mudahan.

Percintaan bukannya niat nafsu semata-mata.

Situation changed every time
Speculation ruined my mind
Conversation had me trapped between the lines

''On the ground
I’ve tried to believe you
For the words
I’ve fallen into
But I know I cannot take this away
Though the pictures are deceiving
But I cannot stop this feeling
All I know the damage
Can’t take this away
Emotion was electric
Nothing so fantastic
I’m not being dramatic
It’s all that I can say to you now
Give us a chance
To hold on to
On what we have''