what if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?

— i guess , it will be much more better and yeah … i guess this distance away wont be happening

new year 2011 - kluang, johor

the past is in the past

2010 wasn’t the greatest year for you? some of that. Rite?hee. There were heartbreaks. There were smiles. Memories were created, some you will never forget. You smiled, you cried. You have grown. You have become smarter. You have learned from your mistakes. You hurt yourself. You cried because of the truth. You laughed. You loved. Whatever you did in 2010, it has already happened. You have learned this year, and make 2011 better than 2010.

by : ........

hepy new year

2011 is coming

Word of advice

If you wanna say something,

finish your sentence and clear all doubts

instead of walking away leaving people dumbfounded.

gojess ;)


location;kuala perlis

Mimpi yang menceritakan tentang cerita lepas. Ape mksudnya?? Banyak hari mimpi tu menjelma. Tapi , aku rasa mcam teringin mimpi lagi la ;). ia buat aku tersenyum.
Mimpi. Nanti kau datang lagi yer . Aku ingin nikmati saat itu biarpun payah aku nk memilikinya ;D

Tak semua kau rencana akan berlaku
mungkin nasib tak menyebelahi aku
entah mengapa??
This is not the end
This is not the beginning